Want More ‘SpongeBob’ With Your Fah-shun? Rita Ora Will NEVER Let You Down

Here’s Ms. Rita, walking around Bikini Bottom London.

We sense a pattern, Rita Ora. On Monday, the “I Will Never Let You Down” singer (who recently stripped down for Elle UK and revealed a MAJOR tattoo) was spotted rocking a head-to-toe “SpongeBob SquarePants” look in London. Before that, she wore a “My Little Pony”-themed dress, and then there was that one time she pulled a total Blanche Devereaux.

But, why? Hmmmm…

Thanks to this item from Jeremy Scott’s inaugural Moschino collection, Rita has brought to life a new trend that the entire world can totally get behind: honoring your fave TV icons through fashion.

Because IDC how grown-up you might be — deep down you know that you still secretly love binge-watching back-to-back “SpongeBob” and “My Litte Pony” marathons. So, unless you’re, like, a judge or something, why shouldn’t you wear your favorite TV stars on your clothes?

Now, can some crafty Etsy designer please whip us up an Angelica Pickles-patterned skort with a matching mesh crop top?? #Fashun calls.

Photo credit: WENN / GIF: ATRL

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