Cassie Steele (Yes, Manny From 'Degrassi') Gets #Dark In Her 'MAD' Lyric Video

Watch the lyric video for Cassie Steele's "Mad."

Rage out, bae!

Cassie Steele (whom you might remember as Manny Santos, one of Drake's classmates on "Degrassi: The Next Generation") just dropped her new lyric video for "MAD," and that means that this post is about to go there.

Apart from her legendary run on the teen drama series, the Canadian actress-turned-pop singer has already churned out two successful albums: 2005's How Much For Happy, and 2009's Destructo Doll.

Cassie's purely in angst mode on her brand-new single, and it's an invitation to anyone who's, well, just a little bit effed up. "If you think that you're unworthy 'cause inside your brain's disturbing/ Baby, come along with me," she urges on the explosive ode to embracing your darker side. (As Kelly Clarkson would sagely ponder, will you still love her even with her dark side?)

The accompanying lyric video trails the starlet down a street as she's strutting, smoldering, brooding and -- most importantly -- hair-flipping against a tapestry of gritty exteriors and graffiti-covered walls. Lyrical focus aside, you'd want to follow along with the words anyway, because Cassie's fast-talking vocabulary is rich. ("Miscreant"!)

As you might expect from a "Degrassi" alum, this one is 100 percent intense and 110 percent DRAMA -- in the best way, of course.

+ Watch Cassie Steele's "MAD" lyric video.

Photo credit: Matt Barnes