Hot, Bored Housewive Dev & Sage The Gemini Tell Suburbia To 'Kiss It' In Dev's Video

Watch Dev's new "Kiss It" video featuring Sage the Gemini.

We assume that June Cleaver is shaking her head at Dev's new clip.

In Dev's new video for "Kiss It," the "Like A G6" singer couples up with Sage The Gemini to yell at her ex on the phone, smoke in the kitchen, and sip drink after drink in a kiddie pool on the lawn. They're basically playing those neighbors who are the worst to live next door to, but, like, the best neighbors to actually be on the block.

There's a definite high-femme '50s housewife-meets-Peggy Bundy aesthetic at play in the Corey Nickols-directed clip (think Beyoncé's "Why Don't You Love Me" mixed with Christina Aguilera's "Your Body"), and, given Dev's past interviews, we're pretty sure that twisting gender expectations is key.

"I didn't try to conform and all of a sudden become a mother," Dev told Fuse in 2012. "I'm bringing the baby into my lifestyle. She's really f***ing cool and I think me and [my fiancé] Jimmy are really cool, so that's just how it’s gonna have to be. I'll have a fridge for baby milk and a fridge for Bud Light. And we'll see how it goes." Works for us!

The OTT visuals really complement the super-minimal lyrics ("Let me make it clear/ I don't want you here/ Feels like it's been years/ Only been a month"), not to mention Dev and (a very shirtless) Sage's hilariously deadpan clowning. #AlwaysHangOut #Thanks

Look for Dev's Bittersweet July EP this spring. Oh, and remember to kiss (kiss it). Can't believe we almost forgot to mention that.

+ Watch Dev's "Kiss It" video featuring Sage The Gemini.

Photo credit: Republic Records