Grab Your 'Red Lighter' (And Some Birth Control), And Listen To SoMo's Entire Self-Titled Album Right Now


Listen to SoMo's self-titled album. Condoms sold separately.

Not ready to make a baby yet? Then DON'T listen to SoMo's brand-new self-titled album, streaming now at

Think you're ready to go all the way? Then start picking out baby names or (better yet) two forms of contraception when you take a listen to the seriously soulful, sinfully sexy R&B/soul-pop crooner's debut album, which sounds like D'Angelo, Drake, Usher and Miguel convened to create this tall glass of Texas tea. (Except SoMo's abs could send Usher back down to the mat for a few extra rounds of bicycle crunches. HaLOWW!)

Those of you not ready to have someone call you "Mom" for the rest of your life? Might we suggest listening to SoMo solo? (No judgement, no shame, and whatever -- everybody does it). It's the easiest way to not get pregnant, unless the sound of a man's voice can fertilize your willing loins. Just shut the door (maybe put a scrunchie on the doorknob to let your roommates know it's go-time) and let you (and SoMo) do you while you listen to songs like...

"XXXtreme Booty Jam"

"Boyfriend Material"

"Husband Material"

"Baby Daddy"

Whoops. We meant...

"We Can Make Love"




"Red Lighter"

Listen to SoMo's self-titled album at, pre-order the album, and in case you need any convincing, watch his "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Ride."


Hey gurl.

Photo credit: Republic Records; Pinterest