STOP EVERYTHING: O-Town's Reuniting!!

O-Town is reuniting, and here's how we feel -- IN GIFs.

Up in the back? Literally us right now.

Attention to all personal crises and major current events taking place across the world: STOP RIGHT NOW. Y2K-era boy band O-Town have announced their plans to reunite, so whether you're reaching for your EpiPen or being super-shady over in Eastern Europe (LOOKIN' ATCHU, PUTIN), STAHP.

In a just-released video, the "Making The Band" alums say that fans will get "new music" and a "new tour" sometime this year, but keep the rest pretty vague. Oh, and Ashley Parker Angel is noticeably absent, but that's still, like, four more reunited O-Town members than we had yesterday, so whatever.

Like, could we actually be blessed with a jam equal to or better than #tbt guilty pleasure "Liquid Dreams" in the next nine months? OMFG, will O-Town join the Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, Boyz II Men, and 98 Degrees on the next mega-boy band tour? Is NKOTBSBIIM98DOT (working title) seriously almost upon us? All's we know is that A.) we can't wait, and B.) WE CAN'T.

+ Watch O-Town's 2014 reunion announcement video, and check out O-Town's #tbt classic "Liquid Dreams" video.

Photo credit: Getty Images, All The Rage Faces