Agnez Mo's Got 'Coke Bottle' Curves In Her New Video, And She's Not Afraid To Use 'Em

Watch Agnez Mo's new video for "Coke Bottle" featuring T.I. and Timbaland.

Agnez Mo's not playing around in her new clip.

For all of you in the United States who've been sleeping on Agnez Mo -- aka international Indonesian recording artist Agnes Monica -- WAKE UP! With the release of her self-titled, debut English-language album in 2013 and now her brand-new "Coke Bottle" video featuring Timbaland and T.I., Agnez is coming for your tired, time zone-related excuses.

The new clip mixes Agnez's sultry, R&B-pop vocals with neon-lit visuals, creating an effortlessly sensual vibe a la Fantasia's "Without Me." After Agnez earworms the super-hashtaggy "I see you lookin' at my curves, coke bottle" into your brain, Timba comes in with his signature, disorienting style, and T.I. knocks anyone still standing to the ground with the dizzying delivery on his verse.

Throw in a bunch of quick-cut edits and jarring, off-kilter spins of the camera, and you've got one ginormously hypnotic music video. Like, if Agnez snapped her fingers on the count of three right now, we'd literally be in her power.

+ Watch Agnez Mo's "Coke Bottle" featuring Timbaland.

Photo credit: The Cherry Party