10 Key Moments From Lady Gaga's 28th Birthday

Lady Gaga's 28th birthday

She came. She slayed. She conquered.

We are happy to report that Lady Gaga absolutely dominated her 28th birthday -- probably all because she took our "birthRAVE: The BIRTHPOP Ball" birthday essentials suggestions to heart, right? That's probably it.

While the "G.U.Y." singer's first day as a 28-year-old started out with a relatively subdued, feathers-and-lace fan celebration, Gaga's festivities soon escalated to a dope-ass night performing at New York's Roseland Ballroom, followed by some nostalgia-tripping partying downtown.

Basically, there were so many "YAAAS, GAGA!"-inducing moments packed into this past Friday, that we felt compelled to compile them in chronological order for posterity's sake. You're welcome, all future history textbooks!

1.) Gaga began her birthday at the stroke of midnight, lovin' on her Little Monsters and telling a pretty macabre joke about not joining the "27 Club."

2.) Then, Gaga rested up for opening night at Roseland Ballroom in what we can only assume was some truly postmodern sleepwear.

Gaga sleeping

3.) Big primpin' up in NYC on Friday evening.

Gaga's makeup prep

4.) Then, Gaga arrived at the venue in what can only be described as her "Roseland Birthday Suit." Brava.

Lady Gaga greeting fans

5.) Here's Gaga serving 1-800-Flowers x keytar realness onstage at Roseland!

Gaga slaying

6.) NBD, James Franco popped backstage to personally wish Gaga a happy birthday and probably talk about art 'n' stuff.

James Franco and Lady Gaga

7.) Um, what's better than getting a surprise smooch from your hot BF? NOTHING. Taylor Kinney + Lady Gaga = the cutest couple!

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga

8.) Meeeeemories... Gaga hit up her pre-fame apartment AND the bar where she celebrated her 21st birthday. (So, maybe not so much with the "memories.")

Lady Gaga at her old apartment

9.) Then, we assume Gaga got more sleep.

Gaga sleeping GIF

10.) Finally, Gaga awoke to a pile of presents from Donatella Versace on Saturday morning. #GetYourLife #HBD

Gifts from Donatella Versace

Photo credit: Wrecking Ball's Instagram, Getty, @LadyGaga, James Franco's Instagram, WireImage