Rita Ora Promises 'I Will Never Let You Down' In New Video, Slays The Comeback Game

Watch Rita Ora's new video for "I Will Never Let You Down."

Never doubted you for a second, Rita!

Can you hear that? That's the sound of Bots everywhere weeping their little obsessed eyes out over the return of their patron pop fave, Rita Ora, who's just released a new video for "I Will Never Let You Down."

While the Kosovar-Albanian Brit's obvs kept busy since her debut 2012 album, what with getting cast in "50 Shades Of Grey" and, like, being the face of Rimmel London, it's nice to know that the girl who lives behind the Ora is far from finished with music. In fact, the Francesco Carrozzini-directed clip seems to slyly reference all of Rita's fashion-dabbling in the past year.

In the clip for the O track, we see our heroine playing the on-set model, belting her heart out while giving us pose after pose after pose. "When you say you've had enough/ And you might just give it up/ Oh, oh, I will never let you down," Rita coos over the explosive, early Whitney Houston-sounding chorus.

While her words are probably meant for boyfriend and "I Will Never Let You Down" producer Calvin Harris (who both made our Cutest Couples of 2013 list BTW), we're definitely not above pretending it was written for us, the fans. Welcome home, bb! We knew you'd never let us down.

+ Watch Rita Ora's "I Will Never let You Down" video.

Photo credit: Roc Nation