Beyonce & Blue Ivy Have A Total 'Madonna With Child' Moment In The Rain

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Anyone else hearing Beyoncé's "Blue" in their heads? Everyone? Good.

No, this isn't a deleted still from Rihanna's "Umbrella" video. It's actually Beyoncé and Blue Ivy in what looks to be the Barbican Centre's motion sensor-activated "Rain Room" in London, unintentionally (?) recreating the "Madonna with Child," one of the most breathtaking tropes in all of art history.

Because we paid so much attention in Art History 101, we'd say that the "Partition" singer has masterfully reimagined the tender, maternal pose. Our critique, in a word: ***FLAWLESS. (Our college professor would be so proud.)

In all seriousness, Bey's Tumblr photo needs to be hung in a museum ASAP! Hi, the Louvre? Can you can move the "Mona Lisa" into the bathroom or something and hang this Bey-utiful masterpiece up in its place?? 'Member? She visited you in Paris last week? Thx!

Guess it doesn't matter if this picture makes it into a gallery. Between all the Knowles-Carter family's trips to the beach and Jamaican vacations, Blue will have the most beautiful book of baby photos to look back on once she's grown up. Speaking of which, could you bound a copy for us? Reserving the coffee-table space as we speak.

Photo Credit: Beyoncé's Tumblr