Living For Taylor Swift's New Spring Accessory: Cat In The Bag

Taylor Swift took cat Meredith for a bag stroll through downtown New York City.

Spring looks by Taylor Swift.

This just in: ALL FASHION NOT INCLUDING LIVE CATS IS HEREBY OFFICIALLY DECLARED IRRELEVANT. By us. Because Taylor Swift stepped out in New York City carrying her cat, Meredith, and, um, it was really cute. (Guess this is why we usually leave the fashion coverage to MTV Style...)

OK, so it looks like the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer was probably not trying to make a fashion statement as she transported her feline familiar in a top-of-the-line, mesh-lined carrier. But, like, didn't literally everyone wear platform shoes with live goldfish in them in the '70s? (#History) You can't blame us for thinking live animals were a "thing" again.

Besides, just look at that stone-faced kitty. Maybe we're huge masochists, but we kinda live for a handbag that judges our fashion before we can judge it.

Plus, a "YOU LOOK TERRIBLE" hiss from Mere would totally blow Taylor's cover. BRB, traipsing through downtown Manhattan in a velour tracksuit and knockoff UGGs until we track down Tay. #FOOLPROOF

Photo credit: Splash News

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