Um, Miley Cyrus? There's A Ghost Crashing Your Selfie

Miley Cyrus tweeted a selfie with some ghost orbs in it.

Anyone else see that mysterious white thing floating above Miley's head?

So last night, Miley Cyrus tweeted a standard bedtime tongue selfie from the comforts of her hotel room, but... Notice anything weird?? Like an unidentified floating object near the "Adore You" singer's head?! That can only mean one thing: Call room service THERE'S A G-G-G-GHOST NEXT TO YOU.

Trust us. We've seen the 1990 classic "Ghost" approximately 172 times, so do not question our four words of warning to Miley:

Whoopi Goldberg Ghost GIF

The "Bangerz Tour" headliner added "#orbselfie / #robelife," which, um, fine. Sure, let's call it an "orb," or as our helpful friend, Wikipedia, ghost-splains it: "an unexpected, circular artifact that occurs in flash photography."

But, like, back in the day, our friend's older sister was heavy into Wicca, and she told us that white orbs mean a visiting spirit is bringing peace and love. So, yeah -- science or our friend's older sister? You decide.

Still, if Miley starts talking to herself and giving away large sums of money to nuns on the street, we'll know what's up.

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus / GIF: Alex Contras' Tumblr