Cavemen? Wild Boys? Cher Lloyd DEMANDS Your 'Dirty Love' In Her New Song

Listen to Cher Lloyd's new song "Dirty Love"

Cher's not asking twice on her bold-as-hell new track.

If you thought "X Factor" U.K. alum Cher Lloyd was brash and straight-talking on her breakthrough 2012 single, "Want U Back," just wait until you hear "Dirty Love." Like, you might as well drop your jaw now, because it's gonna be legally changing its permanent address to a hip, up-and-coming new neighborhood known as "THE FLOOR" in about 30 seconds.

Premiered earlier this evening by Scottish Brat @MelbournexCher, the new song off of sophomore album Sorry I'm Late (out May 27) is all about making them good boys go bad. After imploring some lad to cover up his halo, Cher goes full-throttle: "No time for the right one, I need the wrong one/ Something unreliable/ Go ahead, and be a caveman/ Give me all your dirty love."

Hey, even Cher herself admits that "I know I sound a little twisted," but what can you say? The Jordan Catalano effect if real. Now if you'll excuse us, we're gonna go call the doctor because our jaw is literally five-feet-removed from the rest of our face. #slay #halp

+ Hurry up! You've only got until Sunday to listen to Cher Lloyd's "Dirty Love" on Pre-order Sorry I'm Late on iTunes to automatically download the track!

Photo credit: Epic