Austin Mahone! Stop That Selfie, And Pull Your Arm Inside The Car Right Now!

Get your hands back in the car this instant, Austin Mahone!

Austin Carter Mahone, get your hands back in the car this instant BEFORE THEY GET CHOPPED OFF! (You know we aren’t playing when we drop the middle name. Related: We’re officially renaming every pet and friend of ours “Carter.”)

Not to get all #MomVoice, but can you please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times? We totally get that sometimes the right light will reflect off a road sign and give your eyes that perfect, twinkly #BlueSteel effect, and we also know how taking selfies can get a little cramped in the backseat. (UGH, why weren’t backseats better designed for selfies?!) But yo, safety first!

While the “MMM Yeah” singer’s Instagram photo proves that inspiration can strike at any time, remember that the selfies can wait. You hear that, Austin? No more selfies until you’re safe at home. In bed. With no shirt on. Ummmm… Where were we?

Oh, right! Above all, we Mahomies need your appendages in mint condition. We don’t even want to imagine a world without all your “What About Love” arm-swinging.

Photo Credit: Austin Mahone’s Instagram / GIF: MTV

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