Watch Birthday Girl Lady Gaga's Evolution In 15 Seconds

Watch MTV"s "Happy birthday, Lady Gaga" video!

Happy 28th birthday, Lady Gaga!

It wasn't enough that we made a commemorative paper doll for Lady Gaga's 28th birthday. (Because, um, just one gift?) That's why we enlisted animator Leah Shore to recreate the "G.U.Y." singer's greatest moments to date and compile them all into one flawlessly dope video.

Lady Gaga... This is your life! (This is the part where we all emit a collective "YAAAS, GAGA!" by the way.)

Egg hatch? YAAAS. Meat dress? YAAAS, with a side of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. SXSW barfing? Sympathy yack, then YAAAS. And, OMG YAASSS there's so much more left in this Gaga-volution that we just don't want to spoil for you! Cue the applause, because this lady's earned it.

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Photo credit: Leah Shore