Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga! Here's Everything You'll Need For Your B-Day Ball

Happy 28th birthday, Lady Gaga! To celebrate, we made you this paper doll.

The commemorative Lady Gaga Paper Doll: Deluxe 28th Birthday Edition.

Happy 28th birthday, Lady Gaga! We know that you've been a little tired lately, what with rehearsing for your Roseland Ballroom concerts that begin tonight, so we thought we'd help you narrow down your "birthRAVE: The BIRTHPOP Ball" party essentials. (Still open to suggestions on that event name, BTW.)

Let's see, we've got:

* Five different wigs reaching all the way back to The Fame era (not to mention the white one on your head). That'll at least cover the first hour of your party.

* A floating Andy Cohen à la the "G.U.Y." video, because he's OBVIOUSLY invited.

* Speaking of which, here's a telephone so you can call up Beyoncé, who's clearly gotta be there, too.

* Some lobster-claw, Alexander McQueen shoes, because you'll need something sensible to change into. ("Sensible" being relative to the 25-inch pointe shoes you're probs gonna enter in.)

* A mangled, skull-like grill, because you're never fully dressed without a "Dope"-ass smile.

* A bag of Doritos and a slab of meat, 'cause a Goddess of Love's gotta eat!

* Some caution tape, in case things take a turn for the SXSW in one of the bathroom stalls.

And more! (Little Monsters, feel free to print out our expertly rendered, reverse-Warholian rendition of a paper doll! You'll still be able to celebrate with Lady Gaga tonight, even if you can't make it to the G.U.Y. Gallery in New York.)

HBD, Gaga! Hope your birthday's a total Aphrodite-lady-seashell-bikini fantasy!

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Photo credit: MTV