12 Things We Love About Ariana Grande In 1 Minute

Watch MTV's "12 Things We Love About Ariana Grande in 1 Minute" video.

Original working title: "4,978 Things We Love About Ariana Grande In 3.5 Hours."

It's no secret that we stan hard for Ariana Grande. Hello, we're only ob-sessed with her fishface selfie, her "classic" selfie, and her "sets-new-standard-for-selfies" selfie. Clearly, you shouldn't even get us started on the "Right There" singer's completely on-point debut album, Yours Truly. We could be here for days...

That's why we're blessing all you Arianators with a video breaking down the top gajillion 12 things that we love about this flawless angel -- in 60 seconds!

Can you guess which LMFAO member was present for her first tattoo? (Spoiler: It's SkyBlu.) Were you aware that Ariana thinks she's haunted by demons?! (Have several seats, Lucifer. Your curses are no match for our lady's heavenly vocals.)

Did you know that Ariana's mom, Joan, almost named her Sophia? Hmmmm, Sophianators doesn't quite have the same ring, amirite? Unrelated: Joan is also the worst (slash kinda the best?) at playing "Heads Up." We literally can't stop watching this video.

There are still nine more Ariana facts left to go in the video! So, sit back, throw on a Harajuku wig, gather a litter of cute puppies around you, and enjoy!

+ Watch MTV's "12 Things We Love About Ariana Grande (In 1 Minute)" video.

Photo credit: MTV