Britney Spears Looks Hot In A Bikini, Lives Fancy In Hawaii With Family

Britney's blue bikini

Lookin' hot in that blue bikin-eh, Britn-eh.

"DAAAAAMN, GINA!" is the only appropriate response to this bikini photo that Britney Spears posted on Instagram, because Martin Lawrence quotes should always be invoked when someone is this jaw-dropping-leh hot. (We also would've accepted any/ALL the "Work Bitch" lyrics, because obvs.)

"Aloha from Hawaii!" she captioned, and we're picking up what you're putting down, Brit!

Britney's family werking it on the beach

The Spears fam's 2014 Christmas card????

The "Tik Tik Boom" singer shared photos of her other bikini tropical vacay-lovin' family as well, which provide compelling evidence that the foursome might just be THE CUTEST FAMILY IN POP. We'll keep you updated as this story develops.

Thankfully, Brit-Brit and her other half, David Lucado, didn't dress alike here -- we're not sure coral is David's color. He's more of a winter, TBQH.

Britney's beach postcard

Cutest "My mom's Britney Spears, and I'm vacationing in Hawaii, y'all!" face ever.

Guh, aren't Sean Preston and Jayden James just s'darn cute???? We'd be just as psyched to vacation in Hawai-eh with our hot mom. Er, you know what we mean...

Photo credit: Britney Spears' Instagram