The Julie Ruin Spread Punk Love Worldwide In 'Just My Kind' Video

The Julie Ruin

The Julie Ruin head to Hawaii and beyond in "Just My Kind."

The Julie Ruin's new album is titled Run Fast, but their latest video seems to boast another motto: go far. "Just My Kind" was shot pretty much everywhere -- Australia, Hawaii, the Catskill Mountains, and New York City -- yet still manages to look low-budget. Punk rock!

Bonus: Keep an eye out for frontwoman Kathleen Hanna's Minor Threat shirt in the clip, which is a pretty cool thing to wear in a song with bongos and an upright bass.

The clip puts all those shooting locations to good use, with each bandmate performing somewhere else -- from drumming in an empty field to playing keyboard in a river. Hanna even delivers the vocals while holding the camera at arm's length, which might just mean that the former Bikini Kill/Le Tigre singer just won the Selfie Olympics (if that's still a thing).

"Just My Kind" was mixed by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, and, while it doesn't draw on his signature grooves, the track's got a vintage girl-group snap, with call-and-response backup vocals reminiscent of The Supremes answering Diana Ross.

The Julie ruin deliver plenty of rippers on Run Fast, including previous single "Oh Come On," but it's fun to see the band do a pop-happy love song and, like, swim with tropical fish. Is it summer yet? Maybe in Australia.

+ Watch The Julie Ruin's "Just My Kind" video.

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez