Selena Gomez's 'Spring Breakers' Reunion Makes Us Thirsty For A Sequel

Selena Gomez and her "Spring Breakers" BFFs

You guys didn't invite Alien to the reunion??

We LOVE IT when celebrities play friends onscreen and hang out IRL, too. Like seeing Faith Selena Gomez hanging out with her "Spring Breakers" co-stars, Brit Ashley Benson and Candy Vanessa Hudgens. IDK, it just fills our hearts with old-timey #feelings.

The "Slow Down" singer captioned the Instagram photo: "Rachel where are you? Reunion with my big sisters for life." Cuteness aside, can we, ummmm, talk about how we want a "Spring Breakers" sequel, like, YESTERDAY?!

C'mon, Sel! Text Cotty Rachel Korine and get her on board for "Thankgiving Breakers," where all you girls meet the night before Turkey Day at your local Applebee's, have awkward conversations with old high-school classmates about plans after college, then get woken up really early the next morning by your moms because you've gotta clean the house before Grandma gets there...

IDK, we're still workshopping it. Yo, Harmony Korine! Call us if you wanna write together!!!!

Photo credit: Selena Gomez's Instagram