Niall Horan Joins Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga On Queen Elizabeth's BFF List

Niall Horan of One Direction met Queen Elizabeth II of the U.K.

Live while you're young, Queen Elizabeth!

Sorry, all other boy-band fan armies, but it looks like Queen Elizabeth II stans for One Direction. On Tuesday night, the U.K. monarch held an Irish Community Reception at Buckingham Palace, inviting Niall Horan and about 299 other Irish people who are not Niall Horan over for a casual very formal and dignified hang.

While we'd understandably be flipping our collective sh** over the opportunity to add the "Midnight Memories" singer's digits to our cell (EVEN A FAKE NUMBER! ANYTHING!), #TheQueen was probably all: "Yawn, another pop star... I am most nonplussed by this happenstance."

Don't you know how many of our favorite celebs she's met over the years? There's Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran -- even the Spice Girls! If we tell you what we want, what we really, really want, do you promise not to laugh?

We desire nothing more in this world than to be inside the Queen's circle of celebu-besties. Let's take a royal Throwback Thursday look at all the famous peeps Prince Harry's meemaw's met... AND LET US INSIDE THE CIRCLE!

There was the time the Queen met Ed Sheeran and Kylie Minogue backstage at the Diamond Jubilee Concert in 2012. BRB, resisting urge to make a "Sexercize" joke...

Ed Sheeran and Kylie Minogue met Queen Elizabeth II of the U.K.

How about when the Queen greeted Miley at 2009's Royal Variety Performance (working title, "Party In Ye Olde U.K.").

Miley Cyrus met Queen Elizabeth II of the U.K.

Gaga was there, too! Is she curtsying or taking charge like a "G.U.Y."? Unclear.

Lady Gaga met Queen Elizabeth II of the U.K.

Aw, Michael Bolton. We're sure your position at the end of the greeting line was an oversight, and that the Queen was just as thrilled to meet you as Ginger Spice.

The Spice Girls met Queen Elizabeth II of the U.K.

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