Sevyn Streeter Turns Into BET's 'Being Mary Jane' In 'nEXt' Video

Watch Sevyn Streeter's new "nEXt" video featuring Kid Ink.

Sevyn Streeter's "Being Mary Jane"-inspired video brings THE DRAMZ. 

Persistence is key to success. Just ask the "It Won't Stop" diva herself (and former member of the CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED RichGirl of "He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho)" fame), Sevyn Streeter.

After shooting up the charts last year with the aforementioned Chris Brown-assisted, velvety-smooth summer jam, the blossoming singer-songwriter's back with an equally sexy electro-R&B track: "nEXt" featuring Kid Ink, a contemplative ode to getting back with your ex. (BEEN THERE, GIRL.)

Watch Sevyn Streeter's new video for "nEXt" featuring Kid Ink.

Serving Gabrielle Union realness!

In case you're confused by all the Post-its in the video (not a "Romy And Michele's High School Reunion" homage, sadly), the Derek Blanks-directed clip borrows heavily from the BET series, "Being Mary Jane."

This includes steamy action between a TV anchor and the hunky lead of a film titled "Call Me Crazy" -- which also just so happens to be the name of Sevyn's new EP. (See what she did there?)

Of course, not everything is what it seems as the drama starts unfolding behind the scenes, and Sevyn's heart gets bounced like no one's business. But through it all, there's still that one guy, played by Kid Ink, who's stuck it out with her from the very beginning. Is he the one... Again?

This is truly, as BFF Kelly Rowland might say, quite the dilemma.

+ Watch Sevyn Streeter's "nEXt" video featuring Kid Ink.

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