Beyonce Puts The Eiffel Tower In Its Place

Check out these Paris photos of Beyonce, Jay Z, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tour.

Eiffel Tower < La Bey

It's cute how France's landmarks are, like, stationary and inanimate. In America, we prefer our national treasures, like Beyoncé, to be alive and mobile, so that they may transport their glory across the world for all to admire.

So when the "Partition" singer posed with the Eiffel Tower bey-tween her fingers on Tumblr, our only thought was: "Damn, Beyoncé can shut down the Super Bowl lights in New Orleans, but we didn't know she could illuminate Paris." (Illuminate! We said il-lu-min-ate, YouTube conspiracy theorists.)

Check out these Paris photos of Beyonce, Jay Z, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tour.

Beyoncé measures her ***flawlessness in units of Eiffel Tower.

We don't want to start World War 4 or anything, but Bey literally has the entire City of Lights in her hand. We can't wait until Bey hits up the Great Wall of China to show it who's boss. (That might have to involve some leg and an arm? IDK, we're on standby.)

Just some tourists named Jay Z and Beyonce.

Just some tourists.

Jay Z joined Madame de Troisième Ward Trill in France, and he was prolly like: "Blue Ivy can have tea parties with her Gold Sippy Cup in the Louvre Pyramid! In fact, honey, let's buy all the landmarks in Paris! It's been, like, an hour since we've blessed our precious bb with an earthly treasure. We're behind schedule!"

Somehow we doubt the French would be cool with that, but whatever. If they can love snails, they can love the Beyffel Tower. Vive la Bey!

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Tumblr

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