Before You Exit's 'Dangerous' Video Captures The Grand-Theft Police Chase That Is Love

Watch Before You Exit's "Dangerous" video.

Before You Exit's new clip is an edge-of-your-seat swoon-fest.

Before You Exit are back with a new video for "Dangerous," and, well, you know the tale. Boy meets girl, girl turns out to be a thief, boy is caught holding the bag and gets arrested, girl gets away. Timeless!

To be more specific, the James Davis II-directed clip is all about being attracted to ladies who flirt with danger -- which, in the case of the video, means robbing banks and evading the cops. It's basically "The Bling Ring" meets "Grand Theft Auto," just with all the most unsavory elements taken out and replaced with catchy pop music. Works for us!

We've been obsessed with the Florida band since forevsies, so we're psyched to see our brothers Riley, Connor, and Toby's new clip. We just hope this doesn't mean that they're only attracted to criminal femmes fatales now. We'd do anything for love, but we won't do that -- i.e., rob a freaking bank.

+ Watch Before You Exit’s "Dangerous" video.

Photo credit: Big Picture Media