5 Seconds Of Summer's Ash Boldly Eats A Hot Dog, Kisses A Dog Blindfolded

Watch 5 Seconds of Summer's Ash get blindfolded, eat a hot dog, kiss Calum on BBC Radio 1.Open wide, Ash!

Prepare to be jealous of a slimy, uncooked hot dog! While over at BBC Radio 1 in London, 5 Seconds Of Summer's Ash was invited to play "5 Seconds Of Snogging," which our English-to-American translator tells us means "kissing."

Good thing the "She Looks So Perfect" drummer is such a good sport, as he's blindfolded and forced to lay his lips on a bunch of stuff that his bandmates pass in front of him. These rando items include a puppy, bassist Calum's neck, and a big, floppy frankfurter-- which Ash bites, FYI.

Um, not to weird anyone out, but we find this kinda... Hot? Like, almost as hot as watching our Fan-Favorite Breakthrough Artists lip-synching "Never Say Never."

Whatever, you know you're gonna watch carefully for the precise moment that Ash's lips touch the tube of "meat," hit pause, and then lean in to the screen for a kiss. Nope? Just us? Well, BYE then.

+ Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer's Ash play "5 Seconds Of Snogging" on BBC Radio 1.

Photo credit: @BBCR1