Tangerine Deliver The Indie-Pop Of Your Pacific Northwest Dreams With 'Nothing Better'


This Seattle quartet is one of our faves-iest new bands on the block.

Calling your song "Nothing Better" sets the bar pretty high, but Tangerine's new single jumps backwards right over it.

The Seattle four-piece plays giddy indie-pop as sweet as a sundae and cuter than a button store's monthly inventory, capturing the whimsy often found on IFC sketch shows and in Euro twee acts like Camera Obscura and Lucky Soul -- or, you know, The Cardigans. (I'm just mad that they're not in Portland with me, so we can't all hang out together at gluten-free juice bars.)

There's a definite Pacific Northwest edge to the band's plucky rhythm section, which thumps and fidgets with kick drums and a beard-scratchy bassline. Frontwoman Marika Justad sings with just a sprinkle of sass as she teases her way through romantic lines like "Say anything/ It's you and me." There's even a guitar solo! If you like indie-pop at all, you will eat this up like a decidedly non-organic Vegas buffet.

"Nothing Better" follows the band's similarly charming Radical Blossom and Pale Summer EPs, and it's their highest-fi effort yet and the most catchy by far. Word of warning: Don't play it if you have to do something in 10 minutes, unless that thing is listening to this song for the fourth time in a row. In which case, carry on.

+ Listen to Tangerine's "Nothing Better."

Photo credit: Tony Tibbetts