The Wonder Years Get Replaced By A Bearded Mannequin In Their 'Dismantling Summer' Video

Watch The Wonder Years' "Dismantling Summer" video.

The Wonder Years take a turn for the absurdist in their new clip.

One of the more heartrending tracks off of The Wonder Years' The Greatest Generation (a favorite album of last year), "Dismantling Summer" deals with almost losing a beloved family member. So, naturally, we were a little confused at first by the comical tone that the song's accompanying video took.

In the clip, Dan "Soupy" Campbell's family replaces all of the pictures of him throughout the house with ones featuring a goofy, bearded mannequin in his place, then proceed to sit down for an appetizing (but awkward-looking) family dinner with the stand-in. Is someone going to keel over soon? What's going on?!

The change of tone was intentional, Campbell explained in a press release. "We knew that for a song so personal, a literal re-telling for the video would be unwelcome and painful," he said.

"Drew [Russ], the director took the core nerve of the song, the idea of being away when it matters most, and spun it into an absurdist piece of dark comedy during which my family found themselves fed up with my perpetual absence and replaced me with a mannequin, leaving me in the literal cold."

That explains Campbell wandering the frozen streets wondering where his ride home from the airport is, and receiving a text message from his mother saying she doesn't know who he is. (HAAAA! Much funnier than sickness and death...) Regardless, the song remains strident, anthemic, and powerful.

Unfortunately for Campbell and the rest of the band's families, they're going to have to keep the stand-ins nearby for a little while longer, as the band's U.S. tour continues through to the middle of April.

+ Watch The Wonder Years' "Dismantling Summer" video, and catch their "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Dismantling Summer."

Photo credit: Hopeless Records