Lady Gaga's Yoga Attire? A Fuzzy Pink Rabbit Coat & A Welder's Mask (Duh!)

Check out this photo of Lady Gaga wearing a mask and a pink coat on the way to yoga in New York City.

Lululemon this ain't.

No, this is not your eccentric, housecoat-wearing neighbor who walks their cats around on leashes -- i.e., us. (Why don't you ever say hi?) It's actually Lady Gaga, who arrived at her New York City yoga class in a face mask, pink coat, and heels, and why not? Like you actually need a tank top and a pair of stretch pants to realign your chi.

Just to be clear, we are not judging Gaga's workout attire. We're just surprised to see this side of the ARTPOP mastermind so soon after dropping the glammed-out music video for "G.U.Y." We figured she'd hold onto the feathers and flowers for at least a week or so.

Anyway, if there's one takeaway from Gaga's yoga steeze, it's that a face mask is actually pretty practical during yoga, especially the hot kind. All it takes is one sweaty ponytail-whip to the face from the gal in front of you to turn your Warrior III into a Fetal Position I. #HarshLifeLessons

Photo credit: Splash News