20 Moments That Made Us Go ‘YAAAS!’ In Lady Gaga’s ‘G.U.Y.’ Video

Lady Gaga’s in charge like a real housewife of the planet Venus in her new clip.

OK, so before you commit us, let us just say that we’re totally aware of how much we’ve been saying “YAAAS, GAGA!” lately. Therefore, we are hereby pledging to abstain from saying those two words for a full week… starting AFTER we break down the 20 greatest moments from Lady Gaga’s new “G.U.Y.” video because YAAAS, GAGA, YAAAS! YOU SLAY SO GOOD.

The clip for the ARTPOP track, directed by Gaga herself, is an absolute Aphrodite lady fantasy that transforms SoCal’s Hearst Castle into what we can only assume is what Donatella Versace sees when she closes her eyes. Don’t even get us started on the cameos from “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.” All we’ll say is that we are emotionally fulfilled. Know that.

Also featuring bits of “ARTPOP,” “Venus,” and “MANiCURE,” the “G.U.Y.” video may be the clearest execution of Gaga’s artistic vision to date. That alone is worth a thunderous, projectile-vomitting “YAAAS!” all its own, but here are 20 more key scenes where we absolutely lost it. Sure, Gaga’s ARTPOP could mean anything, but here it just means YAAAS. Deal with it.

1.) When Gaga rises like a phoenix from the ashes.

2.) When she forgives those money-hungry vultures, for they know not what they do.

3.) When she enters the loving, supportive core of Little Monster HQ.

4.) When Gaga serves “Ophelia” realness.

5.) When Kyle, Kim, Lisa, Carlton, and Yolanda from “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” play backup.

6.) When Gaga’s definition of “goddess” takes a turn for the Nomi Malone.


8.) When Andy Cohen shines down from above like the sun-baby from “Teletubbies.”

9.) When Gaga raises her Monster paw.

10.) When ??????????

11.) When Gaga gives grand ol’ “Paparazzi“-style choreography.

12.) When Gaga knows she’s misunderstood. #voodoo #voodoo #voodonnana

13.) When she grabs the bow ’cause she’s in charge like a G.U.Y.


15.) When one second she’s a Nathan Sawaya, then suddenly the Nathan Sawaya is she.

16.) When Gaga stans for “Minecraft.”

17.) Wait, Gaga channels the revolutionary strengths of Gandhi, Michael Jackson, and Jesus Christ when she power-bottoms? YAAAS, GAGA.

18.) When Kim, Lisa, and Gaga dominate those suits like a bunch o’ G.U.Y.s.

19.) When them.

20.) #SLAIN

+ Watch Lady Gaga’s “G.U.Y.” video.

Photo credit: Interscope