Faves-On-Faves Alert! Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer Lip-Synch To Justin Bieber

Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer lip-synch and dance to Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" in this Instagram video.

5SOS lip-synch to Justin Bieber, which basically means your life is complete.

You know how you thought it would be scientifically impossible for the Aussie pop-rockers of 5 Seconds Of Summer to tackle any Justin Bieber track because the sheer idol-on-idol, meta-sexiness would cause us to collectively fangirl so hard that the world would implode? (No? Just us?)

Well, they proved us, and the laws of pop-music physics, wrong. Not only did the "The Only Reason" singers lip-synch to Justin's "Never Say Never," but they NAILED IT, too. There's also a bit of semi-choreographed dancing, Michael Jackson-style crotch-grabbing, and dashes of #swag here and there, so how about we all give science a big ol' #BYE.

The only thing that would make this whole experience better is if the Fan-Favorite Breakthrough Artists lip-synched in their American Apparel underwear. I mean, they teased us SO MUCH in "She Looks So Perfect" video, and we got nary a peek of undies. (Well, at least their undies... ) They basically owe us. #JustSayin

+ Watch 5 Seconds Of Summer lip-synch Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never."

Photo credit: 5 Seconds Of Summer's Instagram

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