Katy Perry And Ellie Goulding Are Literally The Worst At Disguises

A candlelit dinner for Kathy Purdy and Ellie Goldberg… Wait, who?!

We totally understand that when you’re GIGUNDO-famous like Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding, you sometimes just want to be normal, non-famousĀ BFFs sharing a quiet dinner out sans glitz, glam, and screaming fans waiting around every corner. (Wait, remind us why you’d want a break from all that idolatrous worship?!)

So, how do you slip under the radar when you’re big enough to be the face of COVERGIRL? According to this Instagram photo of the “Dark Horse” singer and her bestie (caption: “Kathy Purdy & Ellie Goldberg strike again”), you cover your face with hair, give goofy looks, and make up fake names to throw the world off your trail, sh-DUHHHHHHH!

Not gonna lie, the old “Kathy and Goldberg Switcheroo” worked on us for a second. There are gazillions of people on this planet, so why couldn’t there be two bombshell beauties that happen to look like superstars and share similar names, right? But after that literal second, we were all SMH at their basic-level scheming — SMDH, even.

Can we suggest better disguises for the ladies? Perhaps they could rock this classic number on their next date? Eh? EH?!

This would NEVER raise ANY suspicions.

Photo credit: Katy Perry’s Instagram, 50gifts.com

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