Who Or What Did Miley Cyrus Twerk Into To Get This Bruise On Her Butt?

Check out this photo of Miley Cyrus with a butt bruise.

That's quite the booty... bruise, Miley.

Dang, Miley Cyrus. That's some tush... Oh, and, uh, that shiner you got on it is pretty remarkable, too! The "Adore You" singer showed off what looked to be a bruise on Instagram, explaining: "#f***yeahtampa yasss that's a bruise on my arssss."

Well, that clears up what we're looking at, but what about the why? Maybe Miley got it during that spirited "Baby Got Back" karaoke sesh in New Orleans, twerking so intensely that she rammed her behind into something? #Irony #Maybe #Sure #ThanksAlanisMorrissette

Or, maybe someone borrowed Miley's, um, plastic hand and got too fresh? (Related: EEEEWWWW.) Orrrr, maybe her pal Amazon Ashley reciprocated Miley's friendly motorboating with an equally amiable jab on the ass?

Whatever the reason, Ms. Milez's bikini photo serves as yet another reminder to always watch where you're twerking WEAR SUNSCREEN.

Photo credit: Miley Cyrus' Instagram