Dominique Young Unique's 'Throw It Down' Video Has Twerking Dudes, Insane Visuals -- aka Everything

dominique young unique Dominique Young Unique's "Throw It Down" video is your new everything.

Twerking guys. Lyrical slayage. Frenetic production. Insane visuals. Dominique Young Unique's new "Throw It Down" video is EVERYTHING we ever wanted AND MORE.

Taking her signature spitfire rapping that we fell in love with on 2010's "Show My Ass," Dominique is here to let you know that she didn't come to play. After whipping us into submission for nearly a minute and a half, she pauses midway through to declare: "I got my finger on the trigger/ Tell me when to set it off." Now! Anytime! Please! We can't get enough.

Speaking of things we can't get enough of, you'll obviously be puh-LEASED to hear that the Tampa emcee's eye-popping clip is packed with some supremely talented, seriously attractive backup dancers. Much like their fearless leader, neither they (nor their "assets") should be taken lightly.

Man, from Jennifer Lopez's "I Luh Ya Papi" and "Throw It Down" to Fly Young Red, we are already obsessed with this year's crop of man candy-focused music videos. It's up to you, pop faves releasing music this year (we're looking at you, Adele and Taylor Swift): Please don't let this trend die.

+ Watch Dominique Young Unique's "Throw It Down" video.

Photo credit: Sony Music