You Really Need To Listen To The Used's 'Imaginary Enemy' Album

Stream The Used's new album, "Imaginary Enemy," over Pandora.

Here's why you've gotta stream The Used's new album immediately.

On The Used's sixth studio LP, Imaginary Enemy, the Utah rock act returns with sledgehammer guitars and singer Bert McCracken's throat-shredding vocals. Needless to say, it's a really heavy album.

We've already seen and heard the band rail against an absent lover in the "Cry" video, but Imaginary Enemy covers a lot of ground. Opening track "Revolution" conjures up a dystopian world similar to that of Imagine Dragons'' "Radioactive," except this time, capitalist consumption is at fault. (NASA agrees!)

Stream The Used's new album, "Imaginary Enemy," over Pandora.

The Used get loud on their sixth album.

While the album starts with atomic heaviness, it mellows elsewhere. The band's more hopeful on "Generation Throwaway," where McCracken pledges, "Everything will be fine." "Evolution" is bright and melodic, while "Make Believe" is sprinkled with clean guitars that recall Paramore.

Whoa-oh-ohs abound on "Generation Throwaway" and "El-Oh-Vee-Ee," songs that sound ready for summer festival sing-alongs. "A Song To Stifle Imperial Progression (A Work In Progress)" is the set's craziest track, opening with body-slam guitars and drums before jumping into a flashy, disco-punk chorus.

Six albums in, The Used are ready to show their range. Keep an open mind, and turn the volume up.

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