Watch Neneh Cherry And Robyn Throw A Retro-Mellow Dance Party In The 'Out Of The Black' Video

Watch Neneh Cherry's "Out Of The Black" video featuring Robyn.

Neneh Cherry's back and chilling with Robyn in her new clip.

It's been almost 20 years since Neneh Cherry released a solo record. (Perhaps you remember her still-flawless '80s hit, "Buffalo Stance"?) That may explain why she enlisted so many great collaborators for her new Four Tet-produced album, Blank Project, because a little help from your friends sure goes a long way.

And there's literally nothing in the world that can't be improved upon by adding a little Robyn into the mix. That extremely sound scientific theory is proven yet again in the video for Neneh's "Out Of The Black."

The track is much more subdued than one might expect from the two divas, who trade verses in an almost catatonic flow over a cracking snare loop and minimal synth chimes. "Out of the black/ Out of the blue/ I just want you to want it too," they harmonize on the chorus, without rocking the song's even-keeled tone.

It's not what most people might've expected from this collaboration, as Cherry explained in a Pitchfork interview. "The obvious thing would be for Robyn and I to do a jumping-up-and-down-type song or something a bit more cheeky, but it’s quite melancholy,” she said. Twist!

It's kind of a love song, about when you can't be bothered to work up much emotion anymore. But the video turns that on its cheek, as Cherry and Robyn look like they're having too much fun palling around in front of a green screen, with throwback, "Remote Control"-style interstitials.

The two are a natural fit, Cherry added. "When I look at her I recognize a lot of myself when I was that age. I have a sense of family with her and I understand who she is and what makes her tick, and when I see her on stage she’s so alive, and it makes me really happy."

Us too, even when they're both singing a pretty sad song.

+ Watch Neneh Cherry 's "Out Of The Black" video featuring Robyn.

Photo credit: Smalltown Supersound