You Can't Unsee Justin Bieber's Terrifying Drake Cyclops Photo

Check out Justin Bieber's terrifying Drake cyclops photo posted on Instagram.

One-eyed Drake started from the bottom now he... got one eye.

All of those late, long nights in the studio must be getting to Justin Bieber in a punch-drunk, busy "makin' bangers" sorta way, because last night the artist currently known as Bizzle posted an absolutely terrifying (albeit basically hilarious) photo of a one-eyed Drake on his Instagram.

The caption? "I got my eye on you," which is, of course, a reference to "Hold On, We're Going Home," a song Drake wrote not about Rihanna, but about me, FYI.

The photo of October's Very Own cyclops later mysteriously disappeared, but not before signing itself up for permanent nightmare status in my psyche. Justin, buy a girl dinner (or at least Subway) first before you unleash that sorta thing! File under "things you can't unsee," even if you only have one eye.

And if this is a prank, then watch your back, Justin Bieber. Sleep with one eye open... Wait... Yeah. That was the right choice of words.

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Photo credit: Cagepotato's Instagram