Rixton’s ‘Me And My Broken Heart’ Video Teaser Totally Gambles With Our Emotions

Check out Rixton’s super-mysterioso “Me And My Broken Heart” video teaser!

Maybe it’s because we’ve seen “Ocean’s 11,” like, 111 times, but we love it when music videos mix high-stakes card games, good-lookin’ dudes, and a dame who’s in on the heist.

That’s why we are positively intrigued by MTV Artist To Watch Rixton’sMe And My Broken Heart” video sneak peek — it’s got the trifecta of suspense. Bags full of money? Affirmative. A blonde in sunglasses? Check. Hotties in suits looking nervous? MOAR, PLZ.

Ugh, if you need us, we’ll be watching this teaser clip on a loop. We can’t wait to see the dramatic conclusion to this gambling intrigue when Rixton’s video premieres next Wednesday, Mar. 26. #DrEvilPinkyFinger

+ Watch a sneak peek of Rixton’s “Me And My Broken Heart” video, and buy Rixton’s Me And My Broken Heart EP on iTunes.

Photo credit: Interscope Records