Ghost Beach Throw An Underwater Space Dance Party In Their 'Miracle' Video

Watch Ghost Beach's new "Miracle" video.

All your green-screen dreams come true in Ghost Beach's new clip.

We've now reached a point where there are enough '80s-inspired synth-pop bands that you could spend the rest of your life listening to all of their songs, back-to-back, and still not even make a dent. You'd die before you even made it halfway through. Be a pretty fun way to go actually...

But, that doesn't mean we can't tell when a band is doing it better than the rest of the stylistic soundalikes. Case in point, Brooklyn's Ghost Beach, whose new video for "Miracle," which comes to us from their recently released debut album, Blonde, is as fun visually as it is sonically.

The clip finds Josh Ocean, Eric Mendelsohn, and company dancing and performing in front of a shifting backdrop of celestial vistas, underwater views, and fields of green giraffes (of course).

Like some of their other songs (see the reggae-bounce of "Without You" and the electro-funk of "On My Side"), there's a definite tropical vibe to "Miracle" mixed in with the eery synth noises. (It's a "Ghost Beach" indeed, just like it says on the can.) There's also a refreshing bit of optimism in there, with just a touch of Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere," which makes everything go down easier.

"'Miracle' is a song that describes falling back in love with yourself and falling back in love with hope," Mendelsohn told us. "It's about becoming more self-aware. It's about not accepting the mundane and believing, even if it's in your head, that things will get better, and, even when you feel disconnected from your own purpose, it's always possible to reawaken your inspiration."

"The video is a fun celebration/representation of the concept behind the song." Can't argue that point. Ghost Beach are set to begin a tour with RAC, before heading out with The Sounds and Blondfire. Pencil that into your '80s-throwback synth-pop homework while you're at it.

+ Watch Ghost Beach's "Miracle" video.

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez