Sorry, Just Bieber, But Avril Lavigne Is The Most Famous Canadian Ever

MIT has named Avril Lavigne the most famous Canadian person ever!

Oh, Avril Lavigne, we stand on guard for thee.

In international news, CBC reports that MIT, the prestigious American bastion of science and academia, launched an interactive online research project called Pantheon that proposes to "quantify fame through history." (Guess they finally realized that neuroscience and physics are, like, nothing compared to our faves.)

Can you guess who tops Canada's rankings? Why, it's the Queen of Poutine herself, Ms. Avril Lavigne! Coming in after Mrs. Chad Kroeger on the list are Jim Carrey, then Justin Bieber, and THEN Celine Dion. (Zee best zinger in zee world comes in fourth? Get oot.)

OK, so we should note that the (literal) geniuses behind Pantheon have issued a statement that explains: "Small differences in ranking...should not be used to draw conclusions about the popularity of similarly ranked individuals. (i.e. we are NOT claiming that Avril Lavigne is the most famous Canadian... )"

But, like, who are we to stand in the way of an Avril Lavigne/Canadian Mountie visual just begging to be Photoshopped? Soar-ry, but we just can't deny this call from the Great White North. Canada, f*** yeah!!!!

+ Wanna keep celebrating? Watch Avril Lavigne make poutine! Oh, Canada...

Photo credit: Getty Images, MTV