Go To Sleep Right Now, Justin Bieber!

Somebody looks tie-tie!

Sorry to get all “mom voice” on you, Justin Bieber, but GO GET SOME REST RIGHT NOW, SON. What’s got our high-waisted, light-wash jeans all twisted? The “Confident” singer’s latest Instagram photo, which he captioned: “Been in the studio for over 24 hours (via @shots).”

You know that quote from “The Shining”? It’s true — all work and no play makes pop stars very sleepy! (Using the word “quote” loosely here.)

Justin, close the laptop and rest your li’l noggin on that couch!

“Exhaustion” ain’t just a made-up reason for going to rehab in the mid-2000s, Biebs! It’s very real. Even spry, 20-year-old bodies need their beauty sleep. That’s why your next Instagram photo (caption: “:) studio”) has us concerned that you’re burning the candle at both ends.

That studio couch looks pretty comfortable to us. So, take our advice: Get some shut-eye right this second, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, revitalized, and raring to get even more tattoos.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber’s Instagram | GIF: yahoosearch on Tumblr

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