We’d Like Our Personal Pan Pizza With Extra Austin Mahone, Please

Austin Mahone somehow just made pizza better.

What’s the one thing you always wish Austin Mahone would do for you? (Aside from proposing, duh.) How about MAKE YOU A PIZZA WITH HIS OWN TWO HANDS! Uh, can you say, “MMM Yeah“? #PersonalPanLove

Well, emotionally prepare yourselves, because here’s a photo that the “Banga Banga” singer shared on Instagram of him saucin’ up some pies in the kitchen of a Pizza Hut, which he captioned: “Making some Pizza Hut pizza! Why am I so obsessed with pizza?”

We’d be happy to answer that question for you, Austin. Why, pizza is better than air and probably even life itself, and there’s no greater food worth being obsessed with. Except for pancakes… made by Jared Leto.

Anyway, now we’ve got a question of our own: Why was Austin cooking at a Pizza Hut, and also WHERE IS IT LOCATED SO WE CAN MOB IT, STAT?! Someone, quick! Analyze the sauce pattern in Austin’s pie for possible GPS coordinates because #science! Gahhhh, pizza feels.

Photo Credit: Austin Mahone’s Instagram / GIF: Pop Crush

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