Cher Lloyd's New Song, 'Sirens,' Will Definitely Bring All Your Feels To The Yard

Listen to Cher Lloyd's new song, "Sirens."

Emotionally prep yourself before playing Cher's newest song.

When we first listened to Cher Lloyd's new song, "Sirens," we totally didn't expect it to reach down deep inside us and summon all the goosebumps-inducing feels our bodies could muster. (WHO PUT ALL THESE TEARS IN OUR EYES?!)

I mean, usually when the U.K. singer treads toward vulnerability, she expresses it all "IN YO' FACE"-like. Remember "I Wish," the lead single from Cher's forthcoming album, Sorry I'm Late (out May 27)? She sings about feeling slightly inadequate around other ladies (wait, WAH?!), but it's over an energetic, playfully pop instrumental.

Conversely, the mid-tempo drum-and-guitar combo featured in "Sirens" offers the perfect backdrop to let Cher's powerhouse vocals shine. Though we're used to pumping our fists to that big voice, this time we're waving our hands in the air in full-on #PUH #RAISE as Cher sings mature lyrics like: "I'm tired of growing older/ I'm getting weaker every day/ I carry the weight of you."

And don't even get us started on the octave-leap she does into the chorus' "LAAAY DOOOWN HEEERE." It's, like... we can't even. BRB, hitting up Costco for bulk tissues.

But before we all become unreachable, blubbering messes, we'd like to remind you that Cher and MTV are teaming up to pick some very lucky fans to premiere music from Sorry I'm Late in the coming weeks. Oh, and there's going to be a MAY-JAH fan announcement on tomorrow that you WON'T wanna miss. Now, weep! Weep like you've never wept before.

+ Listen to Cher Lloyd's "Sirens," pre-order Sorry I’m Late on iTunes, and hit up on Tuesday, Mar. 18 for a major Cher Lloyd fan announcement!

Photo Credit: Epic