Against Me! Rage Against The Machine In Their NSFW 'Black Me Out' Video

Watch Against Me!'s new "Black Me Out" video.

Against Me! strike back against the suits in their new clip.

Considering how many songs we've heard from Against Me! this past year that have dealt largely with gender identity and acceptance (like "F***MYLIFE666" and frontwoman Laura Jane Grace's True Trans EP), it's tempting to interpret "Black Me Out" through that lens, too.

We also thought for a second that maybe the track had something to do with "blacking out," something we saw plenty of at SXSW last week. Soon, though, we realized that she's singing about a different kind of insidious influence altogether: corporate pressure from the suits.

The Joshua Mikel-directed video sets the song in a horror-show setting, complete with singing skulls, chopped-off fingers, and some animated wall-pissing for good measure. Wait... "Black Me Out" and wall-pissing? Maybe the track's about the St. Patrick's Day parade, come to think of it. (JK!)

"I don't ever want to talk that way again/ I don't want to know people like that anymore/ As if there was an obligation/As if I owed you something," she sings over a quietly unfolding guitar line, as frightening corporate figures smile through jagged teeth. Then, bags of money and a handful of, um, poo are exchanged.

"I want to piss on the walls of your house," Grace goes on. "I want to chop those brass rings off your fat f***ing fingers/ As if you were a kingmaker... As if you were my f***ing pimp/ As if I was your f***ing whore." Got the message, music veeps?

It's easy to feel powerless like that when you're caught up in the music machine. But, much like coming to terms with one's true identity, sometimes the truth (i.e., telling those in power exactly where they can go) will set a band free.

+ Watch Against Me!'s NSFW "Black Me Out" video.

Photo credit: Ryan Russell