Check Out Childish Gambino’s Show-Stopping, Ingeniously Illuminating Woodies Performances

Hold up, didn’t our boyfriend, Childish Gambino, do great at the Woodies?

What with Childish Gambino’s whole fascination with subjects like the Deep Web and coding, we were a little surprised at first by how technologically simple his performance at the 2014 mtvU Woodie Awards was. Like, no offense to Christmas lights (srsly, you the best), but it doesn’t take an all-knowing hacker to figure out how to wrap a string of ’em around your neck.

But then, while listening to the blips and bloops of the frenetically sensual “3005,” we realized that a simple prop like that was all he needed to let his lyrical skills shine. So basically, GENIUS. Our dude’s perma-Man Crush Monday status continues to reign supreme.

Upon taking the stage for “Sweatpants,” though, the light-up sweater came off and sh** got REAL. Bouncing up and down in his signature shorts and t-shirt vacationer’s combo, Childish absolutely owned his entire Woodies set. When he paused to ask “How you feeling, Woodies?” We may or may not have screamed some bloodcurdling banshee noise back at our TV. Whatever the hell his genius boils down to, we’re fully here for it in all of its incarnations.

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Photo credit: Getty Images / GIFs: MTV