See Iggy Azalea Make The Woodies Hella ‘Fancy’ With Her Performance Featuring Charli XCX


How did Iggy and Charli do? Uh, pretty sure you already kno-ow.

Let us all take a moment to send our thoughts and prayers to Azaleans the nation over, for after watching Iggy Azalea performFancy” with Charli XCX at the 2014 mtvU Woodie Awards, they are all surely still struggling to find the air to even breathe.

Clad in “Clueless“-referencing yellow-plaid booty shorts, the Woman Crush Wednesday-status I-G-G-Y dropped verse after spitfire verse while stomping the Austin stage like a runway. But just when our gagging had reached Heimlich-required levels, Charli popped out in her signature ’90s-goth-at-prom aesthetic to slay us with the chorus: “I’m so fancy/ You already know.” #FLATLINE

Though the performance didn’t feature suprise cameos from Iggy’s fantasy girl group (“Dirrty”-era Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott, Shania Twain, and Diana Ross), Iggy and Charli’s pop-princess tag-teaming was one of the finest displays of #GirlPowah we’ve seen all year. Somebody get these two on the next “VH1 Divas“! Pretty sure that was the Azaleans final wish or something…

+ Watch Iggy Azalea perform “Fancy” featuring Charli XCX at the 2014 mtvU Woodie Awards, and see Iggy discuss her fantasy girl group. Plus, watch the entire 2014 mtvU Woodie Awards on demand!

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIFs: MTV

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