London Grammar Get Charmed By Texas, Share Hair Secrets At The Woodies, Y’all

OMG, it’s London Grammar’s Hannah and Dan! Not pictured: Dot, Dot’s hair.

If you’re at all familiar with London Grammar — the British trip-hop act composed of Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman, and Dot Major — you know that they’re capable of crafting some of the most hauntingly eerie sounds on the music landscape today. I mean, “Hey Now“? We live. We die. We live again. #CircleOfLife

What might be less apparent, however, is that the 2014 mtvU Woodies Festival performers are totally charmed by Texas accents (#yall), completely Stan for Coldplay, and have hair secret upon hair secret to reveal to our unworthy, peasant ears — all of which they revealed during an interview with our own Tamar Anitai.

Our boy Dot’s hair?

Full of secrets.

Even more revelatory, it turns out that London Grammar are in complete and utter disbelief that they’re, like, a may-jah, up-and-coming band right now. The fact that they shared the iTunes Festival bill with headlining act Coldplay is almost too much for them to handle.

Anyone else hearing the “Laverne & Shirley” theme song right now?

Let’s see, that makes them A) too humble to Google the sh** out of themselves, B) thoughtful and well-spoken, and C) in possession of snatch-worthy hair. BRB, staging a sit-in in protest of LIFE ITSELF until we’re reincarnated as the lost members of London Grammar.

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Photo credit: @londongrammar, @DanRothmanLG, @mtvU / GIF: Pinterest