Today In 'I Want To Go To There': Taylor Swift Had A Hamptons Cooking Date With Ina Garten

Check out this photo from Taylor Swift and Ina Garten Hamptons cooking date.

Taylor Swift and chef Ina Garten had a Hamptons cooking date! Obsessed.

Wasn't that day we spent in the Hamptons with Ina Garten the most delightful thing ever? No, it wasn't, because it never happened. That would be Taylor Swift who got to experience the joys of cooking with the Barefoot Contessa. Not us. We are peasants. The end. #Pouts

Not only are we bummed that our invite got lost in the mail (why do they ALWAYS do that????), we're also super-jealous that Tay-Tay gets to add yet another BFF to her collection of best friends. Lorde, Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, Meredith the cat, and now Ina Garten?! #ThunderousPouts

Posting this photo to Instagram, the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer captioned: "Day of cooking in the Hamptons with my HERO. How bad can that be?" Oh, um, we can field that one: IT IS NOT BAD. AT ALL. IT'S PERFECT. WE WANT YOUR LIFE.

Now that we've thoroughly answered Taylor's question, we have an important one for her: Are there any morsels left over from your guys' cooking date? Because we will eat anything you made. Even boiled water. K? Thx.

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift's Instagram