Becky G Did An Austin Mahone Impression & It’s Kinda The Greatest #covermoment Ever

Beasters, can you even right now????

Last week, we caught up with Becky G before her big “MTV Artist To Watch Tour” show in New York City (where she, Midnight Red, and W3 The Future supported headlining act Austin Mahone) to see if we could partake in some very, very, very #SeriousBusiness. And by that, we play some photo charades!

Ugh, each #covermoment just makes us wanna go back and hang out with her all over again! Bex, are you free today and/or hungry for some pizza and froyo? We know some parties who might be interested — US.

Anyway, along with this seriously killer impression of the “MMM Yeah” singer up top (I mean, would you look at that Mahomie swag?), the 17-year-old rapper acted out a few more flawless, on-the-spot ideas we threw at her.

Breaking news, Becky! The Easter Bunny is real!

Time to throw some subtle shade!

Becky, show ’em you woke up like this! #Flawless

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