Internationally Renowned Graffiti Artist Justin Bieber Gets A Banksy Tattoo

Check out this selfie of Justin Bieber's new Banksy tattoo.

Justin's latest canvas? His arm!

Looks like Justin Bieber just took his graffiti hobby to the next level with his latest tattoo! It looks to be inspired by "Balloon Girl," a work by notorious British street artist Banksy. (Yeah, we saw "Exit Through The Gift Shop." #what)

Huh? You were hoping the new tattoo would say something like "Jelena Forever" in Lucida Script or something? 'Cause, um, we were. Hey, we just wanna know if Justin and Selena Gomez are officially back together or not. STOP TEASING US WITH YOUR AMBIGUOUSLY DIRTY DANCING!!!!

Check out this selfie of Justin Bieber's new Banksy tattoo.

The masterpiece that is Justin Bieber JUST. GOT. BETTER.

Ahem. Speaking of "Balloon Girl," did you know that Banksy's work has been removed from its original wall and will be sold in London for over half-a-million pounds? Now, just imagine how much JB's arm would sell for if he up and decided to hawk that? Which reminds us: Justin, NEVER DO THAT. Thanks.

Well, in the spirit of getting your passions permanently inked onto your skin, we're off to get a full arm sleeve dedicated to "Flappy Bird" (R.I.P.) and pizza. We can't wait to Insta the results.

Photo credit: Glen Hartless' Instagram, Justin Bieber's Shots account