Lady Got BBQ Barfed On At SXSW, And Here’s The Only Puke GIF You Need

Today in “YOUR FAVES COULD NEVAHHHH,” Lady Gaga got intentionally puked on during her SXSW Music performance last night on the Doritos #BoldStage at Stubb’s BBQ in Austin.

Sorry to all our #SensitiveGagReflex people, but we just can’t stop staring at this GIF. It’s hypnotic — mesmerizing, even. Like, one second I’m the puke, then suddenly the puke is me.

Accurate artistic rendering of our spring break, TBQH.

In case you don’t recognize her, this master of projectile arts is Millie Brown, a British artist who made the viral rounds a few years ago for a piece titled “Nexus Vomitus.” (It’s exactly what you’re picturing, FYI.)

This is, like, some next-level Nickelodeon sliming. Ummm, can someone puh-LEEEEZ hook this lady up with the Kids’ Choice Awards?? Thx.

Literally us right now.

Anyway, since the “Do What U Want” singer was performing at a Texas barbecue joint, she included a mechanical bull pig with an apple a ball gag in its mouth. Just like Meemaw used to do it!


Gaga even entered on a spit! (Watch out for those white dreadlocks, bb!!!!) It should come as a surprise to NO ONE that she performed “Swine” during her set, along with ARTPOP tracks like “Aura,” “Jewels N’ Drugs,” “MANiCURE,” “Dope,” and “Applause.”

“ARTPOP” lives to slay another day.

She even whipped out “Bad Romance,” which seems oddly appropriate. If getting puked on by somebody while riding a mechanical beast half-naked doesn’t count as “I want your love and I want your revenge,” then we don’t know what does.

+ Watch Lady Gaga perform “Aura” at SXSW.

Photo credit: Getty Images, @leos_haus’ Instagram, @pedro_a_villalobos’ Instagram / GIF: @scoopla on GifBoom