What Taylor Swift Does INSTEAD Of Answering Our Phone Calls

OK, Taylor Swift, the jig is up. What are we talking about? YOU KNOW WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT. You know, those 477 consecutive phone calls we’ve made in the last 24 hours that you SOMEHOW have been TOOOO BUSY to answer?!?! #WHYCANTUSEE #UBELONGWITHME #plz

Well, now that we’ve viewed that “For Your Consideration” video you made for the Academy Of Country Music Awards, we see your game for what it is. You were straight-up ignoring our calls, opting to do your nails or cuddle your cat, Meredith, instead!!!!

Sure, some might say: “What’s your damage, Heather? This is clip is obviously a lighthearted parody.” But, we know the truth. We know the the truth. While we were recording voice mail after voice mail for you — IN TEARS! — you were…

Painting your nails!

Giving a girlfriend boy advice!

Telling Meredith #trufactz about herself!

We’re onto you, Ms. Swift! And your little cat, too.

+ Watch Taylor Swift’s “For Your ACM Consideration” video.
Photo credit: YouTube